Cookies Policy

Our websites use a technology called “cookies”, to learn about the use you make of the data whilst you are browsing.

Specifically we use cookies in order to facilitate your navigation through our web sites, distinguish you from other users, to provide a better experience when using our sites, and identify potential issues that allow us to make improvements.

Keep in mind that your consent to the use of cookies, during your navigation, will allow us to obtain more information about your preferences and customize our websites in accordance with your individual interests.

In this policy we want to inform you in a clear and accurate manner, about the cookies that are used on our web sites. If you want more information you can send us your query to the following email address:

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of text that the websites you visit, send to the browser you are using and which allows the website to remember information about your visit, language preferences and other options that enable you to facilitate access and navigation of the website in your next visit, making it more useful.

Why are they important?

Cookies allow us to improve your use of our web site and to provide you with better services and more agile, fast and secure way. Cookies help us, for example, to:

  • To enable certain features.
  • Provide a more personalized browsing experience.
  • To protect the security of your account.
  • Investigate, improve and understand how our products and services are received.

The cookies we use also have a statistical purpose.

What kind of cookies does ILBOC use?

Statistical analysis cookies:

These allow us to measure the number of visitors and statistically analyse the use that you as a user make of our On-line Services. Thanks to this we can study the navigation through the web site, and thus improve the supply of products or services that we offer.

These cookies are provided by Google Analytics. For more information go to the web site of Google.

Technical and personalisation cookies:

Are those that allow us to monitor aspects related to your user session, so that we can improve the navigation experience within the website, making it smoother. For example:

  • It allows us to recognize the user language.
  • It prevents or hinders attacks against the website or its users.
  • It helps us to provide the correct playback of multimedia content.
  • It improves the performance, allowing the distribution of the web traffic of our machines across multiple servers.

How can I configure or delete my cookies?

Check your current browser settings, so you can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by using the settings in your Internet browser. In this case must take into account that, although you do not need to have cookies turned on to use or navigate through our website, if you disable cookies you may not be able to access all features that we offer. The “Help” button on your browser you will provide additional information on how to configure your browser.

Below, we explain how, but keep in mind that this may vary depending on the browser you are using:

If you reject the installation of cookies, you can continue using the web site, although the use of some of its services may be limited and the usability of the navigation could be diminished.

If you wish, at any time, withdraw your consent related to this cookies policy, you must delete the cookies stored on your device through the adjustments and settings of your Internet browser.

Who uses the ILBOC cookies?

After having given details of the type of cookies that we use, remember that between them we make use of cookies statistics, and there follows a list of companies (Third Parties), which make use of the cookies:

  • Gigya Inc., Tracking cookies that are created when you register, login or access to certain sections of the On-line Services. You can keep you connected, even though the browser is closed, so that, unless you disconnect or close the session, you will still be connected when you return.
  • Google Analytics, these cookies allow us to measure the number of visitors and statistically analyse the use made by the users of our On-line Services.

How do you provide us with your consent?

When you navigate and continue to use the website without disabling them in your Internet browser, you will be consenting to the use of cookies set out above, in the terms and conditions contained in this cookies policy.

How do I revoke my consent to the use of cookies?

You can revoke your consent to the use of cookies in your browser through the configuration options.