What is ILBOC

A Joint Venture formed by SK ENMOVE and REPSOL PETROLEO

The Iberian Lube Base Oils Company, SA (ILBOC) is a company incorporated in 2012, 30% owned by Repsol Petróleo and 70% by SK ENMOVE, for the production of state-of-the-art Lubricants (LBOs) (group II and III) at its plant in the Escombreras Valley in Cartagena. Repsol Petróleo is the leading refining company in Spain, and with its investment in this plant, it has reinforced its strategy of developing the lubricants business.

SK ENMOVE is a pioneer company in South Korea and world leader in the high quality lubricant base oil market.

A project of international renown

Since its establishment, ILBOC has emerged as an internationally recognised project within the high-tech lube base oil sector, applying high safety, environmental and quality standards, and being recognized by OSHAS-18001, ISO-14001 and ISO-9001 certifications, respectively

ILBOC satisfies much of the European demand for state-of-the-art lubricant bases

ILBOC produces more than 500,000 tonnes per year of high-quality base oils for the manufacture of high-tech lubricating oils with significant advantages over conventional oils.

The EU’s drive for energy efficiency and CO2 emission reductions has led to the creation of ever more efficient and environmentally friendly engines, which require these latest generation lubricants in order to meet the new requirements. The ILBOC plant satisfies a large part of the current European demand for this product, and also exports to other countries.

Committed to the environment

Since the start-up of the plant in 2014, ILBOC has consistently sought to strengthen collaboration with the different public administrations and companies in the region. In creating our team, we have been able to draw on a valuable group of people from the area trained by professionals from different disciplines, which have given the project a distinct identity.

Collaboration agreements have also been established with schools and universities in the area in order to set up internships, with a high percentage of them ending up in longer-term employment.

At ILBOC we have almost 100 employees, making up a very young and highly qualified group. We have also contributed to the creation of more than 100 indirect jobs at the different companies that work with us.

ILBOC’s commitment to its local area is not limited to the initiatives above, as it also promotes various corporate social responsibility programmes, with many of our employees taking a leading role.