• Excellent example of industrial company and human team

    VETASI España – Jose Pedro Inestal 14/02/2018

    ILBOC is an example of what an industrial environment should be, combining both industrial and human team innovation, with a constant search for improvement of all processes.
    It is always gratifying to work with them and see their attitude of commitment in their work, the integration of external collaborators, at the same time that they make up a human team with great personal qualities. I think ILBOC is the example of what a leading and innovative industrial company should be and it has been a pleasure to work with them.
    I think ILBOC is a leading and innovative industrial company should be and it has been a pleasure to work with them.

  • When great ideas become reality

    CT Activa 14/02/2018

    With nearly 15 years of experience in the implementation of asset management and maintenance systems, CT Activa has collaborated with a multitude of companies in industrial field. The commitment, determination and professionalism of ILBOC team make it possible to implement solutions that in other places remain as a plan. The demand and dynamism of ILBOC require the best of our consulting team and make us improve our own processes day by day. We started working with ILBOC three years ago and it would be our business objectives and personal pleasure to continue working with them for many more years. CT Activa would like to thank ILBOC for allowing us to head towards the excellence in asset management through working with them.

  • The Smart Factory is already a reality

    IDEA Engineering - Emilio Sánchez 02/11/2017

    ILBOC is the present and future of the new digital factories, where an excellent team works
    with a characteristic that makes them to have a different "Vision of the future". When I started working with them, I was not only surprised by the skills of the team, but also by the great attitude of all and by the passion to work in collaboration.

    The concept of "KAIZEN" is very present in ILBOC where they put all the effort for the continuous improvement of all works and processes that they perform. They care about not only making a high-quality product but also improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the process, which allow them to provide differential values to the market. For ILBOC, its personnel are the most important in everything they do, which adds up and makes the difference. I appreciate the confidence that they had in us and making us feel as a part of the team and especially being able to get to know a company where INNOVATION objectives are so aligned with ours.

  • Working with ILBOC has been an exciting experience

    Gabinete Echeverría 03/10/2017

    As a branding Company, it was a challenge to create and develop a corporate identity of a Company such as ILBOC in which the coexistence of western and eastern cultures was a fundamental axis of design with the fact of being a new company, where emotions, the desire and the drive to do everything to be done well.

    All these elements have made ILBOC´s brand fresh, fun, and dynamic, parameters that have led to everything that has been done at the image level such as in their facilities. ILBOC´s brand image was expected to be a rather gray by its own activity but it has turned out to be bold, bright and dynamic.

    Gabinete Echeverria team can only say that it has been a privilege to work with ILBOC and a magnificent adventure that has helped us professionally to face other complex challenges where the internal culture is the guiding axis of the problem and the solution.

  • The value of knowing the importance of the brand image

    Fran Aguilera, Newrona Comunication 06/09/2017

    ILBOC is one of those companies that make you feel that your work is important. ILBOC approach each level of the communication with care and interest considering the company´s brand image. They clearly understand that every employee communicates and the values of the brand are established in each of them.

    ILBOC has also been able to transmit those values to its partners, involving us in their projects and goals and making us feel heard and valued professionally.

  • Demanding company with great teamwork

    Navec - Javier Almandoz 21/06/2017

    ILBOC is a very demanding company, but at the same time with a pleasant treatment and great sense of teamwork which integrates and motivates its collaborating companies and its staff in the realization of common objectives in a proactive way. At our regular meetings, as representative of Navec, I was amazed at its ability to innovate and always being at the forefront of new trends and technologies and demanding the most of yourself in the numerous continuous improvement projects but also, learning and sharing the experience together, which allows you to reflect it to your environment as well as in other customers as a great competitive advantage.

  • Great professionals, colleagues and Friends.

    Teresa Martínez Escondrillas 16/03/2017

    At the end of my studies in engineering of industrial organization in 2015 (before presenting the final year project), ILBOC has offered me, through the COIE of the university, the opportunity to join the 1st internship program for 3 months and I thought it was a great opportunity. The working hours in the morning allowed me to combine the work and the final year project.

    I accepted the offer and today I am very grateful and proud to have made that decision and have known the people, good colleagues and friends but above all, great professionals.

    It was a very positive experience. I was able to learn the operation and work dynamics of a large multinational company as well as enrich myself personally and professionally.

    I had a great rapport with people at office and the plant and I feel lucky to have met friendly, warm professionals with whom I still keep in touch.