SQE Policies, Energy Efficiency
and Certifications

IBERIAN LUBE BASE OILS COMPANY, ILBOC, as an industrial Company dedicated to the Production of last generation Lube base oils, considers the fallowing to be the key aspects of its business: Workers’ occupational health and safety, process safety, security of infarmation and assets, efficient use of energy and resources, respect to environment and to biodiversity, and quality of its products.

This commitment, shown in our Occupational Health and Safety, Energy Efficiency, Environment and Quality Policy, is developed through the following points:

  • The implementation of an lntegrated Management System, also interactive, facused on Continua! lmprovement.
  • ILBOC Managing Direction makes the commitment and leadership on these matters, transferring them to the organization as a whole, and committing himself to the compliance with the legal requirements and any other obligation and requirement undertook, to the elimination of hazards and the reduction of risks based on the previous identification and assessment bf them, and to the consultation, the infarmation and the participation of the workers and their representatives in the integrated management and its key issues, providing far these activities the necessary resources, training and infarmation.
  • Our workers’ occupational health and safety, the safety of our industrial processes and assets, the safe and healthy working conditions far preventing work-related injuries and health deterioration, the efficient use of energy and resources, the respect to environment and to biodiversity and the quality of our products are aspects concerning the organization as a whole in all its activities and working centers, and to which the organization is committed.
  • Responsibilities in terms of Occupational Health and Safety, Process Safety, Energy Efficienéy, Environmenl and Quality Policy are inherent and inseparable parts of the tasks to be executed, in a way that each worker is aware of and assumes that customer’s satisfaction is the main objective of all his activities. These activities must be performed under healthy and safety conditions far both people, processes and assets, managing risks responsibly, making an efficient use of the resources and trying to avoid or minimize any environmental impact according to workers’ training and to the instructions given to them.

This Occupational Health and Safety, Energy Efficiency, Environment and Quality Policy serves as a reference framework far the establishment of Objectives, Goals, Measurable Plans and Programs, consistent with such a Policy and applicable to all the organization levels.

These objectives, goals, plans and programs are based on our workers’ occupational health and safety, the security of infarmation and assets, the process safety based on pillars and management systems worldwlde-known by the refining and petrochemical sector, a responsible and integral risk management, on the continua! improvement of our processes developed in a sustainable way, and focused on ensuring customer’s satisfaction, the fulfillment of the current legislation and other requlrements resulting from the organization commitments, the contribution to reduce the effect of climate change and the minimization of any environmental impact produced by our activities.

Looking ahead to the sustainability of the activity, llboc identifies risks and opportunities in all areas, analyzes, evaluates, and includes action plans in arder to minimize / eliminate risks while opportunities are developed according its strategy.

This policy is aligned with the five corporate values ILBOC representing us as an organization: lntegrity, Flexibllity, Responslbility, lnnovation, and Willingness & Commitment that together with our Code of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility is the cornerstone of our Company’s culture.

This Occupational Health and Safety, Energy Efficiency, Environment and Quality Policy is documented and put into practice, and is also maintained, rev· d and updated periodically.

In Cartagena October 1st 2020


Joaquín García-Estañ Salcedo
Director General
Chief Executive Officer

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