• ILBOC´s Mission, Vision and Values define our corporate culture and common goals.

  • Mission

    Our mission is the stable production of high-quality Lube Base Oils.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be a sector reference in safety, efficiency and innovations, attracting and developing people`s talent.

  • Values

    They are the cornerstone of our identity and of what we represent. They guide our decisions and actions. They are:

    ILBOC is aware of the well-being of the people, the company and the environment in which it operates and the commitments it takes on.

    Active listening and a positive attitude to change will allow us to reach our goals in a balanced and sustained way.

    Challenges must be achieved taking into account the overall impact of our decisions and actions on people and the environment.

    The ability to create new ideas and put them into practice in an environment of collective collaboration and learning.

    The company’s success is based on the ability of its employees to anticipate needs and their willingness to create added value.