90,000 m2 of industrial facilities

We have two main facilities at ILBOC located in the Escombreras Valley of Cartagena. The IBL (Inside Battery Limit) plant, attached to the Repsol refinery, has an approximate surface area of 36,000 m2 and includes the Vacuum Distillation (VDU) and Reaction (CDW) units, as well as distillate storage capacity for 30,000 m3, distributed in 7 separate tanks. The plant’s main operational management building is also located at this site.

The OBL (Outside Battery Limit) plant, located in the industrial port of Cartagena, near the island of Escombreras, has an approximate surface area of 56,000 m2, where12 tanks of finished product are located. ILBOC products are dispatched by truck or ship. For the latter, two loading arms are available at the Príncipe Felipe Quay.

In addition to the Cartagena facilities, ILBOC has offices in the city of Madrid, where the company’s legal and financial activities are located.