Ethical Code

ILBOC is a company born with a vocation for excellence, which seeks to be not only a benchmark company in the sector but also a leader in safety, technology, quality and efficiency. That is why we have adopted an Ethical Code at ILBOC, in which we unequivocally commit ourselves with the utmost respect to human rights, equal opportunities and diversity. A constant pursuit for minimum environmental impact and a concern for safety, both of the people who make up our company as well as the local area in which it is located, constitute the true priorities for our company.

For this to be possible, it is necessary that we do everything with our values of integrity, flexibility, responsibility, innovation, willingness and commitment in mind, as well as complying with the basic principles of respect for applicable legislation and regulations, honesty, impartiality and transparency.

Excellence cannot be achieved through the fulfilment of objectives alone, it is also necessary to think about how these objectives are achieved.

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